Hi! I'm a creative producer and artist, sharing my work through film, interactive technology, physical arts and music. I started off with painting, making my way into galleries and eventually designing for brands early on. my first big break was a custom Timberland shoe collab. Being a rock climber, i got into shooting photos in all sorts of remote locations, experimenting with video and animation, which eventually led to creating moving art and teaching myself to VJ and DJ cohesive sets. I moved to LA to pursue Cinematography, with a knowledge of high end camera systems and motion control, i found myself working on commercials and IMAX productions and soon enough, going full circle as real-time graphics became more accessible and designing content for live performances and starting work in virtual production. These days i'm looking for continuing opportunities as Creative Director, Virtual Production Supervisor, and working on my own experiments in the Lab which involve creating work in volumetric visual form with ambisonic sound.

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