Author: Sergio Cuadra

Looking for an opportunity to work in a creative environment as a Touchdesigner Artist / Dev. Self taught. My ambitions allowed me to do that. Touchdesigner allows me to create immersive real-time visuals and immersive environments. Music and sound are my biggest source of inspiration, and was my passion before forming into something new; which leads to most of my work being audio-reactive; A/V. In many ways I consider art an extension of ourselves, so I enjoy working with ways to make that happen. Using Touchdesigner I’ve worked with MIDI / OSC, iOS devices using ARKITs & Acceleration / Gyro, Web Cam, and APIs to visualize all types of mediums. I am looking to incorporate more hardware and ideas as well. I like to keep my projects cleaned and organized with my own project architecture for easy readability amongst peers. I have my eyes set on learning and creating with XR in the near future. I’m currently in the process of learning more; and I think I always will be.

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