Simone Murtas, born in 1971 and lived in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, is an early-era computer scientist and Informatics Industrial Engineer, working as programmer/IT technician since 1992. Passionate about music and visual arts, he has always wanted to explore the creative implications of computer science. In 2014 he founded, together with Andrea Montis, the AM Artist group that ranges between videomappig, installations, music and theater, using the most recent interactive technologies and the most modern electronic devices. Since 2018 he has been constantly collaborating with Kyber Teatro (the spin-off of the theatre company called "L'Aquilone di Viviana"), for theater and new technologies international projects (international artistical - technological residencies, teacher in workshop about Touch Designer programme, videomapping for special events or site specific, visual service for performances or plays, creative digital team inside the International Festival of Art and New Technologies -LMDP Festival-, and many others). Since 2019 he has been constantly collaborating with &makers, an engineering company working on 3D modeling, developing several museum installations. Main works: 2021: "Tales of the Tiles" a virtual interactive book installed in the "Contus de Arrejolas" museum, with &Makers. 2021: Urban moving Videomapping "Sa Carrela 'e nanti 2021: memoriae" in SantuLussurgiu, with Kyber Teatro. 2020: Interactive projection for dancers in the "Deinas" project by Il Crogiuolo. 2020: Winner of the first round of the Interactive and Immersive Champioship by Interactive and Immersive HQ. 2019: Implementation of three interactive installations on the Territory Museum in Baunei with &Makers. 2019/2020: Interactive graphis projection on "Tumbu" and "Poesia aumentada" shows with Kyber Teatro. 2019: Real time videomapping "Progetto MediaLab" for the Cagliari's Opera House, with Kyber Teatro. 2018: Artistic residence project "A.R.T.E" with Kyber Teatro di Cagliari. 2017: Real time projection for the theatrical representation "Essere Gramsci" by Clara Murtas, Sardegna Teatro. 2017: Interactive installation "pHoToViSiOn" for the “Sardegna Contemporanea, spazi, archivi, produzioni” exhibition for the MAN Museum of Nuoro. 2016: Urban interactive installation: "Scripta Volant" in Cagliari, in the "Human Rights Day" of Unesco.

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