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AR Robot Gaming Table 

Alt Ethos is commissioning the development of three video games which leverage their proprietary projection technology. The games will be developed for the Microsoft Windows Platform and run on our custom built Augmented Robot Gaming Table.

This project will be a cross disciplinary collaboration. We are looking for the right candidate to fill one or more of the following roles:

*Object Tracking Specialist (TouchDesigner, Processing Language or other)
*Game Dev (Unity, Unreal Engine)
*UX/UI Dev (for packaging)


  • Use a sensor to scan projection area and map terrain for AR
  • Integration of Sphero bots into Unity Engine
    • Object Tracking of Sphero with sensor
    • or Unity Sphero Plugin
  • Ability to easily adjust AR calibration for minor variances in lighting
  • Ability to run game without internet access
  • Menu Screen that will run on a touchscreen display
  • Game displays on the Projection
  • Lightweight, stable and easy to deploy


  • Unity 3D experience in game development
  • Working knowledge of how to integrate MS Kinect Azure (or other depth sensor) with Unity 3D
  • Familiarity or comfort with programming Sphero
  • Ability to research, evaluate, and recommend solutions and technologies
  • Past implementation of Art & Sound Assets for games


Deliver 3 Games

  • Pac Man Style
    • Sphero are used as Pac Man eating orbs and ghosts in multiple maps
    • Turn based VS mode, highest score wins
  • Virtual Canvas – Non Competitive
    • Using Sphero robots as virtual paint brushes, you can drive your Sphero around to create abstract designs on the projected canvas. Can have evolving effects over time for an ongoing organic artistic co-op experience.
  • Pong or Ice Hockey Game
    • Use the Sphero as a blocker to keep a virtual (projected) puck out of your goal area and use the Spehero to push/bounce the puck to your opponent’s side.


  • The Sphero’s are kind of hard to control. They are zippy and wily. They can lose direction and you have to reconfigure them, how will our game developer account for this?
  • How will the game dev integrate sensor data into their design? Will it capture Sphero position information in vector space?
  • What would you use to integrate Object Tracking to integrate with Unity? Here are some examples of methodologies:
    • VIA OSC –
      • Plugin
    • VIA Spout and Kejiro Plugins
    • Potential integration with Unreal Engine:
    • Sphero Unity Plugin


All proposals must be submitted by email to

Questions will be allowed at any time during the submission window

Please include in your submission the following:

  • Two examples of relevant qualifying work
  • Resume or CV
  • One paragraph or more on how you would approach game development
  • Hours/timeline to complete proposed work
  • Estimated cost to complete work

To apply for this job, visit this link:

Job Overview