Content Strategist

NGX Interactive

International institutions want to reach contemporary audiences in unforgettable and thought-provoking ways. We help them to make that happen.

We create narrative experiences for story-telling environments like museums, galleries, science centres, themed attractions, expositions, and travelling exhibits. We work at a dynamic intersection of subjects, technologies, audiences, stakeholders, partners, and spaces.

In 2020 we worked with 72 culturally focused clients in 8 countries. Our outputs are diverse – interactive conversations with avatars of holocaust survivors; a multiplayer game about the health of the oceans; immersive linear animation and collaborative play to tell Canada’s story at Expo 2021 More than 10 million visitors will interact with our work this year.

We are a group of thinkers, tinkerers, designers, artists, gamers, developers, and storytellers who bridge disciplines to build experiences from scratch. We are flexible, curious, and fascinated by the design and story-telling challenges of our time.

Position Synopsis

The Content Strategist works independently, as well as in coordination with producers, project managers, and the creative team. Your focus will be to guide and participate in content development across a diversity of media experiences, delving into project research, participating in client engagements, defining target audiences, messaging goals and objectives. You will also lead in the translation of the above project foundations into effective content strategies for all exhibits across all phases of media production.

What we need: Big Picture


Story and audience are at the heart of everything we do. Starting from a client brief and working closely with a core conceptual team in the opening creative phases, you lead in the translation of project goals and objectives into content strategies that set the foundation of our creative concepts. You can develop and present big ideas, core messages, narrative approaches, creative treatments. You are comfortable in the world of idea and story structure, with an instinct for identifying what is interesting about any given subject.

Writing and Researching

You are a compelling and versatile writer, able to work with a variety of narrative voices. You are motivated by a general curiosity of the world and have the ability and energy to deep dive into subject matter, identifying what is essential and interesting in primary and secondary sources.

Happy to Work in a Variety of Media Formats

Immersive spaces, animated shorts, mini-documentaries, touchscreen interactives, interpretive games—at ngx we work across a wide variety of media formats. While every format delivers a story, narrative conventions will vary dramatically depending on the type of experience we are developing for any given project. You are intrigued by the possibilities of new media formats and are tuned into the nuances of storytelling approach as it applies to different experiences.

Cultural Fluency and Interest or Experience in Interpretation

You are creative and engaged with questions of expression, narrative, and technology, whatever the medium. You have working experience in the cultural and/or entertainment sector (museums, themed attractions, art galleries, science centers, and other interpretive spaces). Understanding and experience with the principles of Interpretation are a definite plus.

A Communicator

You are comfortable leading and participating in conceptual dialogue in early stages; and is a team-oriented and sensitive communicator who brings the best out of creative collaborators.


You can manage overlapping workstreams, impending (strict) deadlines, and tight turn arounds with grace and poise. Has experience managing teams and external contractors.


Conceptualization, Interpretative Planning, Content Strategy

  • Participate in concept development, ideation, and interpretive planning in interpretive spaces and for a diversity of media experiences
  • Research and document creative ideas and approaches for content in interactive installations
  • Travel as necessary to participate in discovery workshops and content planning sessions with project stakeholders

Execution—Research, Writing, Documentation

  • Research interpretive content and document research outcomes for the project team
  • Assess content development needs for projects and participate in the selection of writers and researchers as required for Production
  • Write compelling, concise copy for custom interactive storytelling experiences in various media formats
  • Contribute to project documentation including discovery reports, content briefs, content matrices, and information architecture diagrams
  • Provide content guidance to writers, producers, project managers
  • Review content research and edit copy produced by contracted writers
  • Participate in client presentations, on-site if necessary


  • Work closely with the project manager, creative lead, and technical lead to ensure the content, creative, and software combine for an engaging user experience
  • Recommend and engage with content development talent specific to media formats
  • Provide quality assurance testing of completed software programs to verify content is populated as it should be

Innovation / Growth / Differentiation

  • When opportunity provides, collaborate with content development department to explore, and interrogate storytelling innovations in experiential design
  • Champion storytelling tactics, strategies and solutions that differentiate NGX and inspire the team
    • Participate as an engaged member of the creative team in non-project discourse via creative standups, creative crits, and team huddles as project schedule permits.