Creative Technologist

XR Studios produces high-end real-time immersive productions created by brilliant people using next generation technology.

Development Department VISION:
XR Development creates technology solutions for all other departments at XR and self- starts its own R&D. Every XR production has a technical spec brief, this team generates them. This team also procures special gear and vettes the technical and content pipelines for XRS job as well as XRS consulting jobs. Team members are crew for XR studio production jobs and booked for AR/XR implementation projects.

Role Vision Statement:

The Creative Technologist primary role is to underpin all of the positions on an XR shoot. They are responsible to know the tech AND creative plan for their assigned project and be able to communicate hardware, software, content, and process to any on set department. They will also be typically booked in a show position e.g. server programmer, real time content integrator, or lighting programmer. When not booked on shows, they will be prepping outgoing XR projects, content and software as directed by CTO. Additionally, they will be constantly working on long term industry wide solutions for AR/XR/VP implementations.


● Per project integration plan and technology

● R&D solutions

● Documentation of Workflows and processes, Troubleshooting, and agreed studio workflows

● Studio Demo material and programming to showcase workflows and tech


● Onsite or show day equipment

● On location kit for themselves or their team.


● Self training

● Documentation of Solutions/Problems

● Templates/Shared Presets


● Disguise

● Touch Designer

● Notch

● Unreal Engine

● Unity (bonus)

● Stage Precision (bonus)

● Cinema 4D (bonus)

● Vectorworks (bonus)

● Adobe Creative Suite (bonus)


● Camera systems: Digital/Cinematic

● Broadcast Camera systems

● Basic Broadcast ecosystem: Ross video signal routing, vision mixers, switchers, and monitoring

● Tracking Camera Systems (bonus)

● interactive/Infrared Systems: Kinect, LeapMotion, etc (bonus)

● Lighting Console (bonus)

Technical/Production Experience:

● Video/Media Server Programming

● Interactive and generative content control

● Real-time content rendering and modification

● Understanding of data routing: OSC, Midi, ArtNet, ASCN

● Signal Flow and troubleshooting

● Basic understanding of broadcast analog and digital signal processing

● Basic understanding of lighting systems

● Basic understanding of power

● Strong experience in Networking and overall PC networking and IP control

● Production experience of working with a team to solve problems

● production experience in high impact situations with time limitations

● Understanding of code, logic, and general impact of code-based software


● Familiarity with XR and virtual production technologies and pipelines

● Advanced knowledge of disguise media servers

● Advanced experience and familiarity with Touchdesigner, Notch, Unreal Engine, Unity, and other real-time game engine and graphics softwares.

● Working knowledge of 3D modeling and content creation processes.

● Working knowledge of the standard processes used in film and TV / virtual production.

● Strong interpersonal communication skills.

● Composure under pressure, able to work in a fast paced environment such as a film production studio.

● Able to navigate complicated problem-solving with a mix of hardware and software.

● Highly organized, able to manage / prioritize multiple work streams and projects in different stages of development.

Specific Requirements:

· Ability to work with speed and diligence, and maintain professionalism in a fast-paced environment

· Recognized for your ability to work well and collaboratively problem-solve as part of a diverse team

· Excellent computer and technical literacy skills (MS Office, Google Drive, standard editing and productions software)

· Experience and demonstrated success with fast-growing, multi-site organizations

· Proven client focus, excellent interpersonal and communication skills

· The ability to exercise judgment and maintain confidentiality

· Ability to work quickly and efficiently

· Excellent organizational skills team leadership and attention to detail

Physical Requirements:

Prolonged periods of standing, kneeling, stooping, climbing, and lifting

Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds at times. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds overhead.

Must have ability to travel throughout the facility as required, including when the area is partially or mostly obstructed. Must also be willing to climb ladders or truss up to the OSHA designated 10’.