Generative Designer (EEG)


Our project revolves around creating a visual representation of EEG brainwaves. To achieve this, we are in need of a Python developer to extract a static “phrase” that represents a five minute raw recording of 5 channels of EEG data.

Here is what the touch designer build looks like right now:

The goal is to get a static representation that can then be plugged into [our visual generator in Blender]( or touch designer to get an interesting and unique result.

In summary, we’re looking for you to develop a program that can receive EEG data from the Muse 2 Headset over OSC (we use an app called Petal Metrics to receive the data from the headset and transmit it. I’ve heard that they have some developer tools which might be helpful). The EEG data from a five-minute-long stream should be condensed into a static phrase (or seed) of any length that can be decoded by a custom Blender add-on.

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