Interactive Programmer

The Interactive Team is an interdisciplinary group of computer graphics engineers that design stunning, real-time installations from start to finish. As a member of the Interactive Team, you will grow and refine your artistic and technical skills through the use and study of shaders, high-performance rendering, projection mapping, software architecture, fluid dynamics, user interaction, and countless other topics. Team members are also responsible for onsite installation for exhibitions, so a desire to travel is also a plus!

On every project, Interactive engineers collaborate with many of teamLab’s other creative and engineering teams, working with 3D modellers, hardware architects, sound designers, and computer vision specialists. We believe that collaboration is a key to innovation!


  • Software developer for interactive installations
  • Design and implement real-time physics simulations and visual effects

Required experience, skill

  • Experience in programming your own projects
  • In-depth knowledge of Unity 3D / UnrealEngine
  • OpenGL / DirectX / WebGL
  • Processing / openFrameworks / Cinder
  • vvvv、TouchDesigner
  • Photoshop、Illustrator
  • Cinema4D、Houdini
  • Experienced in architect and development of interactive contents.

Desirable experiences and skills

  • Positive attitude toward understanding Japanese (Hopefully, conversational level)
  • Experience in a project of creating interactive digital arts.
  • Future vision of becoming our full-time employee. (Due to preventing the technical leakage)