Touchdesigner Developer


Recursive is an agile technology design practice

We are looking for an Intermediate level Touchdesigner developer to join our team full-time to assist in the development of new projects. We are a small team, but have global coverage and have been fortunate to work directly for many well known brands and companies across the UK, US, the Middle East and the Far East in developing unique interactive and immersive spaces. We use Touchdesigner heavily as our back end and sometimes front end process, alongside Unreal as our main front end environment. We work heavily with audio visual technology including projection, LED, soundscapes, lighting and so on in the creation of one off environments, sometimes pop up, sometimes permanent. We also work with Machine learning and AI APIs.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is well versed in TD & Python but has experience working with visual projects and understands aspect ratio, screen space, 3D environments, network protocols like OSC, UDP and Artnet and has experience working with SQL, ideally Postgres. A working or ideally better knowledge of Unreal would be a huge bonus as we use this regularly in all of our projects, so understanding both environments is really advantageous.

Our work takes place all over the world, so someone who is keen to travel and can work in different countries and environments would also be a plus.

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