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THE THIRD FLOOR is the world’s leading visualization company. We maintain offices in Los Angeles and London as well as with productions on location around the world. Since 2004, the studio has helped clients visualize and maximize content by producing rough-cut content, known as “previsualization”, to help guide key storytelling decisions and screen early-stage content. The Third Floor is a fun, creative company founded by artists, for artists. We work on extremely high-profile projects while maintaining a small studio culture. The company has won multiple Emmy and VES awards for its work. Clients include Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Universal, and more.

We are looking for a Render TD to join our development team and help bring us to the next level of innovation and automation within our company. The ideal candidate is a highly motivated software developer with experience as an artist and/or passion for the film industry. We are an ambitious team that leans heavily into exploring new technologies, particularly those outside the traditional VFX software paradigms, to come up with creative technological solutions to our unique challenges.


  • Designing renderfarm system built upon Thinkbox Deadline
  • Work with the Head of Development to create technical breakdowns of projected development work
  • Design + build Deadline plugins to automate render tasks
  • Implementation of EXR sequence file management system
  • Implementation of Editorial review + update workflow
  • Collaboration with Development team to determine prototype stack

Essential Skills:

  • Robust understanding of remote execution stacks (e.g. Deadline, Tractor, Qube)
  • Robust understanding of Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Shotgun, Adobe After Effects, and Foundry Nuke
  • Understanding of Unreal Engine and
  • Robust understanding of Python and C++
  • Experience with Version Control Systems
  • Understanding of image pipelines, conventional image formats and image processing
  • Understanding of Windows (NTFS) file storage systems
  • General understanding of networking

Desirable Skills:

  • Strong understanding of VFX process, including modeling, layout, animation and compositing workflows
  • Experience with colour pipelines, including experience with OCIO
  • Experience with editorial pipelines, including experience with OpenTimelineIO
  • Experience with administering databases (SQL, CouchDB)
  • Experience with building or administering DAMs or other media management systems, e.g. Shotgun

Personal attributes:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability to describe problems graphically
  • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Process-oriented with great documentation skills
  • Patience with describing step-by-step instructions
  • Interest in Software Development generally
  • Interest in helping people struggling with technical difficulties
  • Experience with or knowledge of Agile Software Development methodologies
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