Senior Technical Manager – Immersive

Join the team as Senior Technical Manager at Layered Reality (, where innovation meets entertainment. Layered Reality™ is a pioneer in immersive entertainment, blending captivating storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer service. Our unique approach combines live theatre, digital technology (virtual reality, projection mapping, and holograms), and physical sensations (sight, sound, smell, touch, and movement) to craft unforgettable immersive experiences.

Position Summary
Become an integral part of Layered Reality as a Senior Technical Manager, where your expertise will drive the seamless operation of our technical and maintenance departments. This role is pivotal in ensuring the smooth execution of our immersive experiences, with responsibilities spanning from personnel management to health & safety. As a Senior Technical Manager, you will be at the forefront of innovation, leading a team to deliver captivating productions while upholding the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Fun working environment.
Company social events.
Discounted food, drinks & theatre tickets.
A day off for your LR birthday.
23 days holiday plus Bank Holidays.
Additional holiday day for each year of completed service.

Scope & Responsibilities

Personnel Management
Lead a team of technical professionals, including the venue Technical Managers and Technicians
Foster a collaborative and supportive working environment, promoting effective communication and teamwork.
Oversee recruitment, training, and performance management processes to ensure a skilled and motivated workforce.

Production Oversight
Collaborate with IP Holders & Production teams to understand and fulfil technical requirements for performances.
Coordinate scheduling of technical staff to meet the demands of Layered Reality’s productions.
Provide hands-on support during productions, assisting with set-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Building Maintenance
Take charge of maintaining Layered Reality’s facilities, including storage facilities.
Develop and manage maintenance budgets, prioritising projects to enhance the functionality and designs of our spaces.
Identify opportunities for building improvements, overseeing contractors.

Health, Safety & Environment
Champion health and safety initiatives, conducting risk assessments and implementing measures to mitigate hazards.
Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards, maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and guests.
Drive environmental sustainability efforts, implementing strategies to reduce energy consumption, minimise waste, and promote eco-friendly practices.

Recruitment and Training
Lead recruitment efforts for technical department staff, seeking out top talent to join the Layered Reality team.
Develop comprehensive induction and training programs to onboard new staff members and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge.
Provide ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance the capabilities of the technical team and promote career advancement.

Background & Experience
A diplomatic and motivated self-starter with high levels of diplomacy and professionalism with a positive and solution-based approach. You will have management experience working within theatre, events, visitor attractions and entertainment industries. Previous experience managing immersive theatre experiences is preferable.

Desired Attributes
Minimum four years of relevant technical management experience.
Strong understanding of technical requirements for large-scale immersive events.
Proven track record of successfully managing technical aspects of large events.
Practical expertise in technical recruitment, onboarding, and training.
Familiarity with HR systems and protocols relevant to technical operations.
Extensive knowledge of technical equipment and systems in theatre and events.
Thorough understanding of health and safety regulations in technical operations.
Ability to work independently and adapt flexibly to changing circumstances.
Strong organisational skills and attention to detail in technical operations.
Commitment to fostering a positive and collaborative working culture.
Experience in staff development and career progression within technical teams.
Exceptional communication and leadership skills.
Availability for flexible work hours, including evenings and weekends.

Job Details
Job Title: Senior Technical Manager
Responsible To: Technical Director
Job Type: Full Time (permanent)
Start Date: June 2024
Probation Period: 3 Months
Pay: Dependant On Experience
Location: Central London

Diversity & Inclusion
At Layered Reality, we embrace the power of diversity because we believe that our differences are what make us strong. We recognise that each team member brings a unique perspective, background, and set of experiences to our company. Just as every immersive experience we create is a blend of different elements, we know that a diverse team is essential for crafting unforgettable memories. Inclusion is at the heart of our values because we understand that to truly connect with our guests, we must first connect with each other. Join us in celebrating diversity and inclusion as we embark on a journey to create immersive entertainment that resonates with every individual.

Application Process
To apply for this exciting opportunity, please submit an up-to-date CV along with a Covering Letter that outlines what you can bring to the role and why you would like to work for Layered Reality. We look forward to receiving your application!