System Developer Team Lead

We come from many different places, but what unites us is our passion. At Moment Factory, each new project is a blank page awaiting the creativity and talent of our whole team, no matter the individual responsibilities, roles, or fields. Our desire to innovate, to take risks, and to learn from our mistakes and from each other is what allows us to create collective projects that go above and beyond. Today, thanks to a team of 350 creative minds, we have been able to create immersive multimedia environments for artists, museums, airports, brands, theme parks and events, as well as our signature shows. No matter the canvas – be it film, lighting, multimedia architecture, sound design, special effects, or interactive projects – the thirst for experimentation and innovation is at the core of our DNA. Our Montreal, Paris, New York, and Singapour studios are always on the hunt for curious and inspired people. Find your niche on our team of passionate employees!


As a system developer team leader, you will participate in the creation of interactive experiences, generative installations and software products. We work as much on the development of the capture and distribution system as on the creation of real-time visual content. We are on the lookout for new multimedia technologies and their application potential in various contexts and broadcast canvases. The aesthetics of the visuals generated and the quality of the user experience are fundamental to our practice, as is the stability of the platforms we create. Our team is called upon to work on a project from its conception to its delivery. In this position, it is also possible to contribute to internal research and development projects. Our small multidisciplinary team promotes mutual aid and the sharing of knowledge. Although we are all technical people, we also have a great affinity for the arts, new technologies, music and interactivity.


You will accompany a team of developers with varied profiles. Ranging from fullstack to embedded system developers , the entire Interactive team works to develop projects that link digital and interactive to the real world. You and your team will participate in all stages of development, from ideation, design and architecture, to deployment and maintenance of the platforms. The system team must find innovative solutions to support our immersive installations. They works on various projects, the duration and deadlines of which will vary. You will be in collaboration with the software architects and other team members to determine the technical direction to follow. By contributing to the development of our platforms, you will thus enable the deployment, control and monitoring of international artistic projects.


  • Motivate and inspire the team to achieve organizational goals;
  • Foster a pleasant work environment that inspires the team;
  • Mentor your team in fulfilling their responsibilities;
  • Support your team in the technological design of interactive experiences taking into account the context and challenges of our environment;
  • Train team members to maximize their potential;
  • Contribute to the growth of the company thanks to a high-performance team;
  • Establish the technological vision, standards and roadmap of the tools to be built and maintained in partnership with the software architects and your team;
  • Technology watch: competitors, trends, technologies, products;
  • Provide solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of the interactive software development team;
  • Delegate and empower;
  • You will also have to get involved in projects as a developer when relevant.


  • At least 10 years of experience as a software developer (Full Stack or Back end or C++)
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in team management;
  • Experience in production/implementation of long-term projects, as well as temporary solutions.
  • An assembly of these knowledge:
  • Node.JS and or JavaScript
  • Git Knowledge of or interest in learning Node-RED
  • Knowledge of or interest in learning Docker
  • Experience with Front-End frameworks (React)
  • An understanding and practical experience of REST services and architecture
  • Experience with web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS)
  • Familiarity with database usage (relational and non-relational) (MongoDb, PostgreSQL)
  • Knowledge of DevOps principles (logs, monitoring, alerts, optimizations and support)
  • Experience with writing unit tests (Jest, Mocha)
  • An understanding of responsive interface design techniques for computers, tablets and mobiles
  • An appreciation and understanding of user-centered design Knowledge of multimedia protocols an asset (Art-Net, DMX, MIDI, OSC)
  • Expérience avec les systèmes embarqués et micro-contrôleurs un atout (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32)
  • Linux, Windows


  • Autonomy is the quality that will serve you best in this role;
  • You have a developed sense of initiative;
  • You are fearless when it comes to experimenting with new solutions;
  • You are resilient;
  • You are a positive leader;
  • Prioritizing tasks is an art that you practice and master;
  • You have the ability to work in fast-paced environments;
  • You have excellent conflict management and problem solving skills;
  • Effective time management;
  • Interpersonal relationships and communication in all its forms hold no secrets for you;
  • You have the ability to create a culture of collaboration between colleagues and other team members at all levels of the department;
  • Leadership skills to motivate all staff.

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