TouchDesigner Developer


I’m looking for a skilled TouchDesigner and Python developer to create a script for automatically sending MOV videos as email attachments.

Key Requirements:
– Design and develop a Python script for TouchDesigner that can attach MOV videos to outgoing emails.
– Ensure the script is robust, reliable and can handle various video sizes.
– Email content doesn’t need to be customized for each recipient, so a standard email template is sufficient.
– Mail input from user side
Your role will involve:
– Understanding the project’s requirements and the specific constraints of sending MOV videos via email.
– Creating the necessary Python script within the TouchDesigner environment.
– Testing and refining the script to ensure it performs reliably across different email platforms.
– Creating mail input system
Ideal Skills:
– Proficiency in TouchDesigner and Python, with a proven track record of integrating the two for practical applications.
– Experience in working with email systems and attachment handling.
– Ability to test and troubleshoot scripts to ensure they deliver the required functionality.