TouchDesigner Developer

I’m a filmmaker who has released an audio drama series.  I’m now hoping to create abstract visuals for, it so I can release it on more platforms and attract audiences that are accustomed to “watching” stories. (A good reference would be “Calls” the series on Apple+)

I’m looking for a Touchdesigner / motion artist who understands narrative and rhythmic flow,  who can help me brainstorm visuals for this series, and then execute and experiment.  (I would be able to add the dialogue captions throughout, though it’d be great to plan that out with you to some extent, so there’s some relation)

It is 11 episodes that total 3.5 hours of material, so we’re not talking about constant quick effects and cuts.  That said, substantial material is still needed, and I only have personal funding for this, so I’m looking for someone who’d be excited in helping this out as a side passion project.