Unity Developer

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a Unity developer that knows how to get things done. They work well on a team and require minimal supervision. They are eager to take on unique and challenging projects, and motivated cultural and visitor experience focused work, all around the world.

What you’ll be doing

Our responsibility on the tech team is to design, build, deploy and maintain the software for our projects.

As a developer you will be assigned to a multidisciplinary project team where you will contribute your technical skills and creative problem solving to help bring projects to life.

Projects can range from simple touchscreen interactives to more complex interactives involving AR, projection mapping, computer vision and more. Most work will be built in Unity, but some projects may require other solutions.

Some work involves unique hardware requirements like phidget sensors, peripherals, depth cameras, projectors, led tiles, or assistive technology, or have unique user interface and display system requirements. Some require the ability to be updated via a CMS backend, or perform various data tracking functions.

Because our projects’ technical requirements can vary substantially, you will have to be comfortable with learning new technologies on the job as needed and as they become available. You have to be comfortable with not knowing everything and working with imperfect technical knowledge.

Most of the ngx team works remotely. We have an office in Vancouver that is our headquarters and our shop where we build physical prototypes and do testing on install hardware. Sometimes national or international travel is required for on-site installation after final software delivery to clients.

If you like variety, continuous learning, working in the cultural resource and visitor experience sector, being on a multidisciplinary team building cool projects and pushing the limits of what Unity and other technologies can do, then this is the job for you.


  • Unity3D
  • C#
  • Git
  • Portfolio and/or public Github repositories with code samples

Bonus points for:

  • Education (Degree and/or courses)
  • Modern Web technologies (JavaScript, CMS, HTML, CSS, etc.)
  • Experience with technical and procedural art (shaders, vfx, procedural etc.)
  • Unreal engine
  • C++
  • Python
  • Databases
  • Animation (3D or 2D)
  • Networking / multiplayer
  • TouchDesigner
  • Cloud services (AWS, Azure, Firebase, etc.)
  • Mobile app development (iOS, Android)
  • Unit testing and TDD
  • Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino
  • Projection mapping
  • BrightSign
  • VR / AR
  • 360 video
  • 3D and/or 2D art software (Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Adobe CS, Sketchup, etc.)
  • Experience working from designs based in Adobe XD and/or Figma
  • Game design
  • Performance profiling
  • Vancouver local (ability to regularly be in-office)

This role may be partially funded through the ‘Digital Skills for Youth Program’