Unreal Engine Technical Artist

Felix & Paul Studios Inc.

Any company can promise you the Moon, we’ll actually take you there!

Now is your chance to catapult to the forefront of the new field of immersive entertainment as part of the EMMY-award-winning team at Felix & Paul Studios. We pride ourselves on bringing awe-inspiring experiences to life through immersive storytelling and are now making experiences where very few have gone before –Space! all while continuing to explore other unchartered immersive territories.

Now that we have wrapped the latest season of our Space Explorers franchise – The ISS Experience (filmed live entirely aboard the International Space Station) – we are embarking on an even more ambitious journey: Mission to the Moon (and then, you know, Mars and Deep Space Exploration).

Our content is wowing tens of millions of enthusiasts through THE INFINITE – the world’s largest interactive and social location-based virtual reality experience – and our marquee presence on the Meta Quest platform and the VR platforms of leading telcos, domes and planetariums worldwide.

Come be a part of this extraordinary journey at Felix & Paul Studios and put your skills to work in these new digital frontiers. Buckle-up, because it’s going to be an extraordinary ride…at warp speed!


The Technical Artist is essential to ensure that technology, tools and processes are in place to realize the artistic vision of a project. They work with the creative team to explain the capabilities and limitations of the technology, as well as with the technical team to promote the needs of artists and find multiple solutions to technological issues.

  • Acting as a bridge between artists and programmers, facilitating their communication;
  • Designing and implementing art production pipelines and workflows to render the artistic vision of the project;
  • Developing and improving custom shaders, lighting and animations;
  • Developing and maintaining tools and scripts based on visual targets;
  • Act as a resource person for the team members to determine the technical impact of the artistic vision;
  • Simplify production by finding ways to automate tasks and improve processes;
  • Develop best practices, solutions and tools in order to solve problems;
  • Promote the reuse of assets, know-how and tools across multiple projects;
  • Ensure that the team has the technical expertise to do the work required in the project;
  • Seek to constantly push the limits of technology;
  • Establish strong communication between the creative and technical teams;
  • Find innovative solutions and demonstrates expertise in the field of technical optimization to produce the best visual results possible within the limits of technology equipment;
  • Ensure the synchronization of art related technologies and tools with the Montreal studio;
  • Strong comprehension of the rendering pipeline in order to gauge the impact on performance.

  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask;
  • Desire and ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines;
  • Fluency in French and English.

Felix & Paul Studios Inc. is an equitable employer. We offer the same accessibility to employment without distinction of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and age. The masculine form is used in the offers to shorten the text.