Video and Projections Technician

Video/Projections Technician
Permanent position
We were born from an eclectic troop of performers. Come live the experience of being yourself every day to create the extraordinary.
Since 1984, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group has been focusing on ever more creative and magical work in order to constantly push the limits of the imagination and surprise spectators! Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our shows and will continue to transcend our upcoming productions around the world.
Today, we have a place for those who have a marked taste for thinking up exceptional products, for ensuring the smooth running of operations, for putting their ingenuity at the service of their team, in addition to contributing to enhancing their expertise and develop practices unique to Cirque du Soleil!
So don’t wait any longer and join the Cirque adventure! You will meet ambitious people and people passionate about the world of entertainment!
·  Participate in the daily operations of all projected special effects for all performances of the Show, including but not limited to the Load-In and Load-Outoperations;
·  Operate, maintain and troubleshoot systems during performances;
·  Participate in the inspection and maintenance schedules and processes;
·  Work with the technical team to develop and maintain a safe working environment;
·  Work on and develop special projects as required;
·  Participate in Load-In and Load-Out;
·  Carry out all other duties required by the Head of Lighting.
·  College-level diploma (or equivalent) in live entertainment or theatre production (or relevant work experience);
·  Minimum five years’ experience in the entertainment industry;
·  Knowledge of video matrix;
·  In-depth knowledge of hardware and software applications related to projection effects systems – D3 MEDIA SERVERS System and projector;
·  In-depth knowledge of hardware and software applications;
·  In-depth knowledge of network hardware and Ethernet cabling;
·  Knowledge and experience with Robot cam and box cam;
·  Knowledge of different types of video signal is essential;
·  Knowledge of Microsoft applications for Windows;
·  Ability to work well under pressure;
·  Knowledge of Microsoft applications for Windows;
·  Fluency in spoken and written English is essential; any additional language (spoken and/or written) is an asset;
·  Available to tour full time and to work in foreign countries.
To keep pace with the creation, production and distribution of our products, our employer proposal is unique.
– A culture focused on the development of fair practices and unifying events
– Professional growth focused on high quality projects to propel your career
– A group insurance program, RRSPs and other benefits that we will be happy to present to you
– Personalized support adapted to your professional ambitions: training program, regular check-ins, inter-team contribution.
Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is committed to creating and maintaining an accessible and inclusive workplace. Proud ambassador of equality in employment, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is committed to eliminating discrimination based on age, skin color, origins, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation and any other characteristic. Neutral and inclusive writing is now preferred for all new job postings.