Creative Tech Internship

What we’re looking for

As our Creative Tech intern, you are passionate about new media art, interactive technology, and experiential design. You will be a part of every step of our production process: prototyping, implementation, and installation. You will interact with our tech team and assist them in concepting and delivering one-of-a-kind virtual and physical experiences. Communication skills and willingness to learn are key; every project is different and requires a unique approach.

Flexibility and willingness to learn are the most important thing in this role. There will be a mix of hands on mentorship, but also quite a bit of self directed work where we will expect you to figure things out on your own. You will be expected to be able to pick up new technologies, and work your way through complex tasks independently.

At the end of this internship you will have a much better understanding of what it is like to work in a creative studio. You’ll come away with some new technical skills, and hopefully something nice for your portfolio.

Your daily tasks might include

– Building interactive systems in programs like TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine or Unity3D.
– Getting hands on in the Physical Computing lab where you might do things like wiring, soldering, assembly, PCB assembly, and LED configuration.
– Fabrication tasks like woodworking, metal machining, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting
– Administrative and data wrangling tasks
– Web Development and general programming work

Qualified candidates should have

– Demonstrated ingenuity, technological literacy, and strong conceptual skills
– Intermediate Programming ability