VR / AR Interactive Media Production

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VR/AR Interactive Media Production – The World Bank
Short-Term Consultant (STC)

Please include CV, cover letter, and any relevant portfolio and project links.

  • Organization Location: Position is available as fully Remote Work or as needed in Washington, DC offices. The Interactive Media Production Consultant is part of the Global Corporate Solutions Department, Interactive Media Services and reports to the Sr. Program Manager.
  • General Description: World Bank uses immersive Mixed Reality experiences to enhance communications efforts, support field operations and decision making across its organization. Stakeholders are virtually transported to areas of focus to connect with issues affecting people living in poverty and engage.

The World Bank VR team coordinates and creates experiences that ranges from 360 photo tours, VR films, CGI/3D virtual experiences, Web VR projects, VR activations, Augmented Reality pieces and other digital products and related services. The Interactive Media Production Consultant works in a team to perform a range of duties involved in VR/AR production including preparing media for distribution, client engagement and research of interactive technology. The job requires the use of a variety of software for digital file processing.The VR/AR Interactive Media Production is directed by the XR Program Coordinator and interacts with a team of staff, consultants and contractors to perform a range of duties involved in the production of finished media projects, client engagement and research of interactive technology.
Scope of Work/ Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Create VR and AR experiences through available web-based interfaces and specialized VR software like Unity and Unreal.
  • Create high-fidelity deliverables including detailed designs, illustrations, animated assets, and motion graphics that support interactions and content in pixel-perfect layouts.
  • Engage in interactive design projects employing creative process and working knowledge of UX/UI design skills.
  • Research new ways to expand Interactive Media unit by testing software and hardware and creating pilot projects.
  • Ensures that work area meets safety standards and follows general World Bank rules.
  • Creative thinker and problem solver.

Essential Specialized Skills/Knowledge/Competencies Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic arts, interactive media, gaming and related technology or experience in similar areas.
  • Experience with VR interfaces and headsets.
  • Development experience with Unity 3D or Unreal. Knowledge of Web GL a plus.
  • UI/UX/Interactive design and implementation experience.
  • Demonstrate fluency in Adobe Creative Suite and a 3D package of your choice.

Desired Areas of Interest and Added Value Skills (not mandatory):

The ideal candidate is a dynamic individual able to add value in at least one of the areas below.

  • 3D content creation & pipelines (i.e: Maya, Blender, SoftImage, Max, etc.).
  • Use of architectural design tools in the context of XR (i.e: Revit, Rhinoceros, etc).
  • Experience with AR development including WebAR, ARKit, ARCore, Zappar, 8thWall.
  • Web development experience (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc) and mobile a plus.
  • Video editing, proficiency in Adobe Premier or similar a plus.
  • Familiarity with creating illustrations, motion graphics, and animations.


Terms of contract and time allocation*

The position is offered as a World Bank Short-Term Consultant or Temporary (STC/STT) for a maximum of 150 days per year. Relocation benefits are not offered for this position. Specific time allocation will be discussed with the selected candidate with flexibility to work part time or specific days of the week.

Please include CV, cover letter, and any relevant portfolio and project links.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $240.00 – $480.00 per day

COVID-19 considerations:
Work is primarily remote and if on-site health measures are taken into account

Application Question(s):

  • Please provide link to portfolio or relevant projects

Work Location: Remote