Aleh Patseyeu


Aleh Patseyeu

Unity XR Developer | Creative Technologist | AR/VR/[A..Z]R

Member Since 2023


As a Unity XR Developer with almost 5 years of hands-on experience and a passion for immersive technologies and real-time in general, I’ve immersed myself in various game programming areas, including gameplay, graphics, network and tooling. I developed projects from scratch, worked on R&D projects with blurry inputs and unpredictable results, fit in long-term projects with a pretty complex code base, where maintainability comes first place.

My professional experience is mostly focused on immersive solutions and mobile platforms, personal, in its turn, oscillates between computational and visual and includes generative systems, procedural mesh generation and mapping of arbitrary computed data on the GPU to arbitrary visual output in general.

I wear many hats, have the ability to transform any idea into an interactive form, and solve challenging creative problems with equally creative technical solutions.

Professional Skills

  • AR
  • C#
  • HLSL
  • Touch Designer
  • Unity
  • VR
  • vvvv gamma