Alma Steinfeld


Alma Steinfeld

TouchDesigner Developper & Multimedia Designer

Member Since 2023


I began my career at L’École de Design Nantes-Atlantique with a bachelor’s degree in scenography. I specialised in modern set design, where the use of techniques such as video-mapping (projection of visuals onto a volume) and other lighting effects play an important role. My set designs are alive, they react to their environment and the sounds and actions that surround them, whether through microphones, sensors or simply by changing their parameters myself live.
Today, I work as a self-employed artist for various clients, most of whom are musicians or music labels. Many of my visuals are inspired by nature and have a link with a tangible environment.

My approach is halfway between that of an artist and that of a designer.
I listen to your needs, your desires, your identity and I compose with it. My aim is not so much to impose my style as an artist, but to create a work based on yours, on who you are, while blending in my own personal sensibility.
I’m starting to develop a certain visual identity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a project that doesn’t look like the ones you’ll see in this book – quite the contrary!
I am also always interested in projects that are purely technical.

Professional Skills

  • Adobe creative suite
  • Arduino
  • Blender
  • GLSL
  • TouchDesigner