Bart van Son


Bart van Son

Touchdesigner Developer

Member Since 2023



Media artist hammering the road. I am well versed with Python, Data Processing and Visualisation. I love to work on the crossing of science, art and technology to create interactive installations and audio visual experiences.
I can work remotely and independently, but love to discuss ideas and direct a project.

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2019 - 2021
Leiden University Master of Science in Media Technology

Work & Experience

Artistic Data Visualisation Expert Self-employed
05/2022 - 12/2022

I have been the technical lead for the creation of an artistic, interactive data visualisation project. From two Dutch scientists, we received data and information about Mercury emission patterns over the years. From that, in TouchDesigner, I made an interactive installation that allows a user to interact with the data to understand more about the research of the scientists.

Music Video Producer Self-employed
02/2022 - 03/2022

I was selected for a project which combines composers with young visual artists. I made a music video for a composition, which will be screened in cinemas, music festivals and media art festivals this summer (2023)

Workshop leader AI & Creativity Self-employed
10/2022 - current

I give workshops throughout the Netherlands about AI and creativity. We discuss GPT’s and work on a song composition

Professional Skills

  • 3d
  • Data visualisation
  • Music Video