Casey Berman


Casey Berman

Senior Creative Technologist

Member Since 2022


Senior creative technologist and sound designer with a focus on AR, VR, and 3D web experiences.

Skills & Abilities
·         AR, VR & 3D web: THREE.js, Unity (C#), React Three Fiber, 8th Wall, A-Frame, Lens Studio, Zappar

·         Front End: React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS & Sass

·         Other: Git, Jira, Bitbucket, Github, sound design (Ableton, synthesis)

Work Experience
Senior Developer | Elephant, NYC | July 2019 – Present
·         Creative technologist (focusing on AR and VR) and web developer for Elephant, a subsidiary of IPG. Dedicated developer on the Comcast Xfinity retail account

·         Major projects include:

o  Lead developer on in-store AR experiences promoting the 2021 Summer Olympics and the release of Sing 2, built in THREE.js and 8th Wall

o Web development for project promoting the 2022 Winter Olympics

o Management, concepting and prototyping for pre-Olympics retail

o Development, Marc Jacobs front-end website

o Development, Elephant’s internal website

·         Responsibilities:

·     Development: Unity, THREE.js, Lens Studio, SparkAR, 8th Wall, Zappar, and other techs

·     Prototype and concept with creatives on Comcast briefs, provide tech POV, challenges/solves

·     Manage and advise: Advise creative tech interns on design, technical direction, and prototyping; manage technical progress and direction of production partners and freelancers when utilized

·     Own all technical experiences in premier stores, including hardware & maintenance

·     Maintain in-store Unity experiences, including a VR experience and a speech recognition experience

Javascript Developer | saatchi & saatchi, NYC | Dec 2018 – March 2019
·         Contract JavaScript developer on the Toyota team at Saatchi & Saatchi NY

·         Developed Node.js crawler using Google’s Puppeteer API, MongoDB and Angular for QA on, the primary offer portal for Toyota North America

·         Prototyped a replacement site of, an asset management portal for North American Toyota dealers. Made with Node.js and Angular

Front-End Developer | Metroclick, NYC | Feb 2016 – May 2018
·         Angular and AngularJS application developer for Metroclick, a NYC-based agency specializing in kiosk-style touchscreens in public spaces, such as concert venues, stadiums and retail

·         Developed Lexus interactive video & game wall at Madison Square Garden, NY. Designed, built and tested 3D basketball game and front-end app using Unity, Angular, TypeScript, CSS and Node.js

New York University | Bachelors of music | 2014 | Jazz Studies
·         Dual Citizenship: US and European Union

·         Online coursework: MIT Open Courseware: Intro to Comp. Sci; Math for Computer Science

·         Music production, engineering & composition: Ableton, subtractive synthesis, music theory, saxophone, drums


Sept 2009 - May 2014
New York University BM - Jazz Studies Major (saxophone performance)

Professional Skills

  • Ableton
  • Analog Synthesis
  • C#
  • css
  • html
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • React Three Fiber
  • THREE.js
  • Unity