Dante Lentz


I am a multimedia performance artist and freelance technologist with a focus on TouchDesigner and MaxMSP/Jitter. My practice revolves around creating highly conceptual real-time networks involving motion tracking, 3D graphics, and digital synthesis. With exhibitions in NYC, Chicago, and LA, I have established a presence in prominent art scenes.

My technical expertise extends to pose tracking (utilizing Kinect or MediaPipe), GLSL Particle Systems, OSC data transmission, and Projection Mapping. Additionally, I have produced music videos, managed DMX lighting, and contributed to large-scale productions at institutions such as Red Bull Arts New York and The Highline.

For the past 13 years, I have also served as an artist assistant to blue-chip artists in NYC, providing invaluable insight into the art world. Whether collaborating on large-scale productions or working one-on-one in artists’ studios, I bring a wealth of experience and creativity to every project.

Feel free to explore my commercial videos on Instagram and my artwork on YouTube. You can also find a selection of my TouchDesigner music videos in the links provided below my name.


Cranbrook Academy of Art MFA
2003 - 2007
Tyler School of Art BFA

Work & Experience

Media Server Operator LiveX
2022 / 2023

Freelance rigging and mapping multiple projectors and live video playback for clients like De Beers and TikTok.

Production Manager / DMX Lighting Canada Gallery NYC
Feb 2023


Professional Skills

  • Ableton
  • Adobe CC
  • DMX
  • GLSL
  • Jitter
  • Kinect
  • MaxMSP
  • Mediapipe
  • Notch
  • OSC
  • Python
  • TDAbleton
  • TouchDesigner


  • TouchDesigner Python Mastery

    Awarded: Mar 18, 2023

    Awarded To: Dante Lentz


  • TouchDesigner Operation Foundations

    Awarded To: Dante Lentz