Diego Alexander


Diego Alexander

Visual artist - Creative developer


Member Since 2020


Diego is an interactive visual designer passionate about real time generative visuals and multimedia installations.

Diego has worked with prominent artists in a wide range of projects, such as Bal en blanc, Bluesfest, Canada day (Ottawa), and Montreal en Fëtes. He has shared his passion for music through live visual performances at Osheaga, îlesoniq and WayHome music festivals, New City Gas and Beachclub in Montréal, and others around the country.

A visual design artist with an infinite curiosity for live video and generative art. Diego seeks to create interactive visual experiences by composing dynamic and irregular video sequences for any type of audiovisual and immersive productions.

After gaining technical animation skills at Fanshawe college, in London, Diego moved to Montréal, where he became instantly fascinated with its captivating music and art culture. He found his artistic expression in the creation of generative visuals and live performance.


2016 - Present
Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) Immersive visual creation and Generative visuals

Création Visuelle 3D en 360°Dôme & réalité virtuelle (VR)
Touchdesigner Shaders, optimization and interaction
Live video and architectural mapping

Fanshawe College Multimedia design and production

Work & Experience

Live visual performance - Creative designer New City Gas
2017 - 2020
Visual artist - Motion designer Freelance
2014 - Present

Professional Skills

  • Adobe creative suite
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D
  • GLSL
  • Notch
  • Python
  • TouchDesigner
  • VJ