Eduard (edcreativecoder)


Eduard (edcreativecoder)

TouchDesigner Developer

Member Since 2023


Artist with coding skills looking to help you with real-time interactive and audio-reactive experience.
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Creative Technologist
07/2021 – Present

Implemented a Ferris Wheel control system that autonomously activates electric circuits, has an adjustable timetable for visuals
on 6575 LEDs on wheel spokes. They react in real-time to the sound, controlled by DMX. A user interface with 3d visualizer
manages video playlist and generative visuals. Fully functional 24/7 in the city center, created with TouchDesigner;

Developed an interactive system using a depth camera to convert users into particles. Users could sign up and control the system
with their smartphones to capture their particle image and print it on a metro ticket instantly. Installed in a metro station for 3

Created audio-reactive visual effects for real-time music performances during festivals with 2000+ spectators;

Produced 20+ generative music videos that helped composers promoting their tracks.

Creative Coding Tutoring (04/2022 – Present)
I’ve taught TouchDesigner and creative coding to 50+ students online;

Research & Development(06/2020 – Present) 
Publishing interactive R&D results on Instagram @ed.creativecoder


Kazan Federal University Computer Science

Professional Skills

  • Audio-Responsive FX
  • Creative Coding
  • Depth Cameras
  • Generative Art
  • GLSL
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • JavaScript
  • Music Video
  • Python
  • TouchDesigner