Isadora Teles de Castro e Costa


Isadora Teles de Castro e Costa

TouchDesigner Developper, Creative Technologist, Technical Artist

Member Since 2024


An innovative Technical Artist specializing in real-time interactive generative imagery and animation. With a rich academic background culminating in a Ph.D. in Aesthetics, Sciences, and Technologies of the Arts, my career is marked by significant contributions to large-scale digital art installations and performances. I excel in creating highly adaptable, complex simulations and visual effects using state-of-the-art software like Houdini and TouchDesigner. Eager to apply my extensive research and development skills to pioneering projects in the entertainment and cultural industries.

Professional Skills

  • complex systems simulations
  • digital scenography
  • electronics
  • houdini
  • Interactive Installations
  • performing arts
  • shader programming

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