Joe Diebes


Joe Diebes

Generative and Interactive Systems Developer / Media Artist

Member Since 2022


I have been building innovative immersive media environments for over twenty years in both fine art and corporate contexts. My expertise extends across a vast array of programming languages and technologies, but the narrative experiences and the concepts are always primary.

I have worked collaboratively with experience design firms as a software developer, sometimes taking the creative lead, and sometimes solving thorny technical problems on existing projects. I am now focusing on TouchDesigner / Python and openFrameworks / C++ to build interactive media systems, but I am fluent in most industry frameworks. I also have extensive experience as a Crestron control system programmer, and have developed enterprise-scale conferencing, classroom and auditorium control systems across thousands of deployments.

My own generative and immersive installations have been presented at such venues as: The Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, The Winter Olympics, The Whitney Museum of American Art, BRIC Media Arts, Tramway (Glasgow), Yuanfen New Media Gallery (Beijing), Harvestworks, STEIM (Amsterdam), Paul Rodgers Gallery (NYC), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The Isamu Noguchi Museum, and many others.

As an educator, I have taught creative coding in the Digital Arts MFA program at Pratt Institute as well as spearheading the Code + The Arts initiative at The New School in New York City, where I was previously a professor of Interdisciplinary Arts.


Bard College, Milton Avery School of Arts MFA

Work & Experience

Distributed AV System Control Software Developer The Drawing Center | AV&C
currently running

Developed an application that allowed artists and gallery technicians to dynamically route and manipulate multichannel audio throughout a 32-channel sound system, as well as automating and monitoring many video and lighting devices from an iPad UI.

Interactive TouchTable Software Developer Brown Harris Stevens | AV&C
currently running

Developed an interactive touch-table in C++ / openFrameworks that allowed clients to access information and manipulate media assets related to apartment units, that were dynamically populated from a database. Integrated with a Python based CMS, and a TouchDesigner based video wall.

Interactive Machine Vision Installation Developer Wolf-Gordon | AV&C

Software development for ‘Slice’, a 30-foot-long LED sculpture that responded to the movement of Design Expo visitors to create a ‘slit-scan’ mirror using machine vision technologies and Max/MSP/Jitter.

Supervisory Control System (Crestron) Developer Gensler | AV&C
currently running

Cadillac Flagship Sales Center. Developed a control and monitoring system for a 100+ channel video system, as well as allowing for complete transformation of AV usage modes and the automated scheduling of device control. Technologies included Crestron and C#.

Developer for Large Scale Ableton / M4L Installation ESI Design | AV&C
currently running

Developed software extensions for Ableton Live (Max/JavaScript), allowing it to send and receive data from a motion tracking system and a generative video environment to create a responsive multi-channel sound system throughout an entire building.

C++ / openFrameworks Developer ESI Design | AV&C
currently running

Developed a machine vision application in C++ / openFrameworks / OpenCV that stitched together and processed an arbitrary number of video feeds to create an intelligent motion tracking canvas with a wide range of user adjustable parameters. Motion patterns were evaluated, processed, and transmitted to a generative video design system.

Max MSP Software Developer Doug Aitken Studio | AV&C
currently running

Programmed an interactive system using proximity sensors, Processing (Java), and Max/MSP, that responds to the location, speed, and direction of art gallery visitors to effect a constantly changing LED patterns embedded into a room-sized sculpture.

Crestron Control System Programmer Merrill Lynch | Telaid Industries

Developed advanced conferencing, auditorium, and distributed AV control across hundreds of branch offices and headquartered locations internationally over an enterprise-wide Crestron control system. Also included a highly customized remote monitoring and ticketing system.

Professional Skills

  • Ableton / M4L
  • Arduino
  • Audio Engineering
  • AV System Design & Integration
  • C#
  • C++ / openFrameworks
  • Conceptualization
  • Crestron Control Systems (advanced)
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Live Video Production
  • Max / MSP / Jitter
  • Python
  • TouchDesigner
  • Writing