R&D Technology Specialist


Member Since 2024


Hello, I’m Karol, an Eclectic Logic Hurricane and Precision Chisel in the Nonconformist Realm of Immersive Art.
Living at the intersection of Art and Engineering, I merge various technologies to bring artistic visions to life. My work extends across the domains of broadcast, stagecraft, and virtual reality, where I integrate existing technologies or explore new possibilities.

I like work in realtime VFX interactive challenges, but always looking new area to discover.


Professional Skills

  • 3D scanning
  • AI
  • Broadcast
  • Computer vision
  • electronics
  • immersive
  • interactive
  • Live Shows
  • mapping
  • Media Serververs
  • Notch
  • Real time
  • tracking
  • Virtual production
  • Yolo tracking