Lux Nautilus


Lux Nautilus

TouchDesigner Developer

Member Since 2023


I graduated as a graphic designer from HKU under my alter ego Lux Nautilus in 2021. I make digital work, mostly moving image; in the form of spatial installations, but also visuals and interaction for performance. Visuals are usually live-rendered and ever-changing. I have a love for generative design; an intuitive way of creating in which chance and repetition are important factors. It is a process of making that is closely related to the themes that always recur in my work; consciousness, evolution, complex systems. My work is often speculative in nature and never puts humans at the centre of attention. I draw inspiration from natural mechanisms and strives for work that puts the viewer in a state where the sense of time and space is lost.


2017 -2021
HKU Univerity of the Arts Utrecht bachelor Graphic Design

Professional Skills

  • Adobe creative suite
  • Arduino
  • Blender
  • graphic design
  • Light Design
  • Stage Technology
  • TouchDesigner