Ove Holmqvist


Ove Holmqvist

Music Technologist


Member Since 2023


Ove Holmqvist is a sound designer, independent researcher, audiovisual producer and music technologist with a background in fine art, advertising and communications. Since 2011, Holmqvist has worked with particular interest in conceptual art, bioculture, Auditory Augmented Reality, geospatial computing and product design.


He founded Holonic Systems in 2017 to create the world’s first functional music app that included real-time synthesis and biofeedback, Holon. The technology developed by Holmqvist’s team allows for creating new forms of musical expression and listening experiences. In 2022, Holonic Systems launches a whitelabel, end-to-end turnkey adaptive music platform for B2B customers.


Holmqvist holds technical degrees from Kent Institute of Art & Design (now University of Creative Arts, Rochester, UK) and Keuda (formerly Radio and Television Institute), Helsinki, Finland. Having partnered with companies including Bose, Native Instruments and Suunto, Holmqvist also works closely with several academic research institutions, including Queen Mary University London’s Centre For Digital Music, where he is an industrial partner to the UKRI-funded AI+Music doctoral program.

Professional Skills

  • Concept Design
  • Imaging
  • Sonic Interaction Design
  • Urban Musicology