Rafal Bielski


Rafal Bielski

Touchdesigner & UE5 Developer & Cretive


Member Since 2023


With 20+ years of experience in music, animation, and multimedia, I’m a versatile freelancer with a passion for technology. I co-founded one of the first EDM/Techno bands in Poland before shifting my focus to 3D animation and motion design, working on over 100 commercials, music videos, and films. As a Supervisor and Pilepine Engineer, I developed technological solutions and production pipelines for film studios and animated films, and in 2011, co-authored the development of one of the first 3D video mapping systems using robotics. I’ve since implemented new media systems and content for events, exhibitions, museums, and show production using 3D mapping, human interaction systems, and my own software, with my work featured in dozens of locations and events worldwide. In recent years, I’ve expanded my expertise to include virtual reality, machine learning, cloud computing, and blockchain, and I’m always open to collaborating on exciting new projects as a freelancer.

My video portfolio: https://vimeo.com/rafalbielski
My LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/bielskiteam/

My current project: https://vimeo.com/cyberlive

Professional Skills

  • 3D generalist
  • Developer
  • Inventor
  • Musican
  • OTT Specialist
  • Problem Solving
  • Systems and Applications Engineering
  • Video Processing & Production Pipeline Specialis