Scott Mann

Member Since 2023


Experienced Touch Designer developer with additional deep expertise in audio, music, and sound design.

Skills: Touch Designer (particle systems, Python, Kinect Integration, MIDI integration, OSC integration, Ableton Live integration), Adobe Creative Suite, Pro Tools, FMOD, Sonic Restoration, Sonic Branding, Stable Diffusion.

TOUCH DESIGNER DEVELOPER Freelance (WorkSoFar), 2022-2023 || Built multiple interactive graphics installations (in Touch Designer) for the Canadian National Tower in Toronto, including a fluid-simulation-based experience that mimics the northern lights, two interactive flying-insect simulations, and various reproductions of the behavior of wind-blown objects (leaves, flower pedals) using GPU particles and optical flow.

TOUCH DESIGNER DEVELOPER Freelance (WorkSoFar), Summer 2022 || Composed/prepared interactive music and accompanying two-way communications network (Touch Designer / Ableton Live / OSC) for two immersive experiences on display at the Twist Museum in London’s Oxford Circus.

TOUCH DESIGNER DEVELOPER Freelance, 2023 || Built fluid-simulator-based immersive versions of artist Jason Naylor’s paintings for a Chelsea art gallery installation opening this summer. Installations feature both interactive graphics and interactive ambient music.

UX AND VIRTUAL REALITY AUDIO DEVELOPER / SOUND DESIGNER Freelance 2016-present || Mix, edit, music-supervise, and perform sound design to deliver interactive, engaging, and (if needed) “spatialized” 3D audio for application interfaces and virtual reality video presentations. Created engaging/musical sound design for the console/dashboard of a vehicle and a large sales kiosk for AIRBUS.

AUDIO POST ENGINEER, EDITOR, SOUND DESIGNER, MIXER Freelance, 2006-Present || Create, edit, modify and mix dialog, music, and sound effects to exacting technical specifications for all forms of audio/audio-visual media. Credits include: MIRAMAX (TV Trailers), Radical Media (TV shows), Facebook, Pfizer, Mercedes, Visa, Pepsi, Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Nike, Mitsubishi (Commercials, B2B, Promos)

COMPOSER, RECORD PRODUCER Freelance 2006-2019 ||Wrote and produced music for major label acts and national brands. Co-wrote and co-produced a #1 hit song for the Korean supergroup Girls Generation. Wrote and produced music, songs, audio-branding for dozens of household brands, including Gillette, Pepsi, Ford, Avon, Walmart, eBay, Dawn, Kelloggs, Trident, Under Armour.**


New York University MA Music Technology
Brown University BA Psychology

Work & Experience

Touch Designer Developer / Animator WorkSoFar
Fall 2022 - Summer 2023
Interactive Music Composer and Touch Designer Developer WorkSoFar
Summer 2022
Sound Designer and Touch Designer Integrator The Experiential Company
Fall 2023
Sound Designer The Experiential Company
Summer 2023
Touch Designer Developer Jason Naylor / Fillin Global

Building an interactive experience for the paintings of Jason Naylor, NYC

Professional Skills

  • Ableton Live
  • Adobe Suite
  • Kinect Integration
  • OSC
  • Pro Tools
  • Python
  • Stable Diffusion (ComfyUI)
  • Touch Designer
  • Touch Designer/Stable Diffusion Integration
  • Unreal

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