Tommaso Ramella


Tommaso Ramella

Data scientist

Member Since 2022


I’m a postdoctoral researcher in Economics, with a focus on inferential statistics and
econometric techniques applied to labour market issues. I have 5+ years of
experience in data analysis, modeling, visualization, and machine learning
I’m currently trying to move from academia to the industry, searching for a position
as a data analyst or data scientist.


May - August 2022
Ironhack - Data analytics Bootcamp Bootcamp

– Data analysis
– Data Science
– Best project of the course

2017 - 2020
PhD in Analysis of Social and economic processes PhD

– Dissertation project: “The role of personality traits on over employment and unemployment”
– Econometric tecniques
– Teaching assistant (econometrics and inferential statistics)

Work & Experience

Postdoctoral researcher in economics University of Milano, Bicocca
2020 - Now

– Project topic: the effect of the economic crisis (2008) on the world trade network
– Econometrics, network analysis

Data scientist, software developer Andrea Ruzzenenti s.r.l.
September 2022, Now

– Project: extrapolating the illnesses codes from doctors’ diagnosis
– Data science: Natural language processing, Berp (analysis of texts with ML techniques)
– Software development: the creation of an API

Data analyst (temporary researcher) Regione Lombardia
2021 - 2022

– Policy evaluation of the “Youth Guarantee” policy
– Causal effect estimations (econometrics techniques)
– Production of a report for a political audience

Professional Skills

  • Data science
  • Econometrics
  • Git
  • mySQL
  • Python
  • TouchDesigner


  • Ironhack data analytics Bootcamp
  • TouchDesigner Python Mastery
  • TouchDesigner Operation Foundations