Vassilis Malamas


Vassilis Malamas

TouchDesigner Programmer, Music Producer & Teacher, Visual Artist & Video Editor

Member Since 2021


CV & Bio:

Vassilis Malamas is a Berlin based audio/visual artist, music producer, performer and creative technologist. His works exist in multiple mediums; As an audio/visual artist, he specializes in creating cohesive experiences through audio-reactive visuals, video & animation creation, VJing and interactive system design. He has experience in both AV performances and installations. As a music producer, his sound is described by combined electronic and acoustic instruments, creating unique timbres for the story to lie on. Vassilis also teaches Electronic Music Composition & Arrangement, and holds a blog for sharing his explorations and research of his lifetime passions; creative technology, music prodcution and visual arts.

Extra thoughts when submitting this resume:

Freelancing gives the freedom to switch between jobs, be your own boss and manage the most valuable and de-facto thing in the world: time. On the other hand, being part of a team is a must; exchanging knowledge, communicating and sharing emotions with your teammates are some aspects that progress an idea much faster and in ways which one person could not even imagine. I have self-discipline that guarantee delivery on time, but most important, I want to be part of a vision that will be converted to reality.


SEP 2018 - AUG 2019
Berklee College of Music M.M. in Music Production, Technology & Innovation
SEP 2009 - JUN 2016
University of Patras Integrated M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
MAR 2013 - MAR 2014
SAE Institute Certificate in Electronic Music Production

Work & Experience

Music Composition Teacher 343 Labs
SEP 2020
TouchDesigner Programmer, Music Producer & Teacher, Visual Artist & Video Editor Freelance
SEP 2017