Zachery Schramm


Zachery Schramm

Touchdesigner Developer

Member Since 2023


May 2023 – BORG (V1): Created an original Track using sample from Star Trek Next Generation in Ableton, then took the audio data as an input to drive visuals made in Touchdesigner

December 2022 – 2022 Wrapped Video: Created a portfolio video to showcase past unreleased projects and development in Touchdesigner, HeavyM, and Lumen. Used Adobe Premiere Pro and Handbrake to edit and transcode media content.

November 2022 – Leftovers (event): Coordinated with event producers, DJs, and venue staff to run a Touchdesigner program that took audio to drive visuals projected onto two screens in a nightclub. See example of A/V project – Sitting Around a Fire 

October 2022 – Portal (Event): Created a A/V reactive program in Touchdesigner and performed for a local nightlife event in Seattle, WA

June 2022 – Deck’d Out: Pride edition (event): VJ’ed an event using Resolume and various media created in Touchdesigner. Required venue visitation and coordinating with DJs and event producers regarding the set up and projection location.

October 2021 – Drag Show Live stream: Partnered with local Drag artist to produce a livestream using OBS for Audio and video feed into Microsoft Teams stream. Used Adobe Premiere Pro to create videos and effects and used green screen.


Washington State University BA of Anthropology

Professional Skills

  • Data Management
  • OBS
  • Project Coordination
  • Research
  • Resolume

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